In the Studio: Week of May 28th

By Tory: This week in Textiles, we did wearable art and other assorted things. There were people doing pom poms for their outfits, cardboard, paint, etc. Lots of people were also doing knitting, sewing, and weaving. I did my wearable art out of duct tape and fabric. One person was doing a dress that had hot-glued pom poms on it. Another person had a dress made out of chip bags as well as shoes made out of duct tape and Pringles containers. One person even made a cardboard bird to go with their costume. All of the wearable art is looking really good so far and it’s going to look great when it’s done!

By Theo: Our class is very creative. Students everywhere paint and create, but not like we do in our 3D art class taught by Kelda Van Patten. When you walk into the 3D art classroom you can feel the energy change from the usual slog of the school day to a more fun enhancing energy. Amazing projects have come out of this class and they continue to. It is an amazing artistic experience to witness art being made and with 3D art we get to witness it every day.    See below photos of blue and yellow masks

By Milo: This week in 3D art we were working on two things. As we have been for the last few weeks, we were working on the wearable art project. If students are finished with their wearable art, then they are working on an independent project. The wearable art project is due on June 1st, as well as a 1 minute play/ performance that is used to showcase our wearable art in front of the class for the critique. If you don’t want to work on wearable art or are finished, you can go outside and work on the dragon. My group used trash bags to make pants and a shirt. We also made a hat/helmet thing as well as a cape.

By Walker: This week we are preparing our wearable art projects.  Wearable art is art that is made to be worn and showed on your body or something else’s body.  They will be performed Friday, June 1st. To present our wearable art projects, we will have to put together a one minute act to present.  Some students will choose to enter their pieces into a contest, and if chosen, will be shown on the last day of school to the whole school.  Me, Braedyn and Wyatt have created a jacket, mask and fan for our project. We only used two main colors: red and gold. We spray painted the top half of a shirt and a diving mask red.  We then attached strands of red fabric to the end of the shirt and added a frame and feathers to the mask. The fan features the Chinese symbol of luck, with gold tinsel sticking out of the top.  For the finishing touches, mirrors were glued to the arms and back of the jacket, along with a gold cape and cuffs on the sleeves. I think our finished product turned out great. We are definitely thinking about entering it into the wearable art contest.

By Trinna: In class this week kids are working on there wearable art project or working out on the dragon. I worked on my wearable art all through the week. For my wearable art piece, I made a skirt out of newspaper. It’s a really cool skirt that has lots of layers in it. For the shirt me and my friends who are in my group died the bottom rainbow. We took some paint and added water to it so it wasn’t so globby and made a DIY die. Over all I’m really happy how our outfit turned out!

Dragon week by Zoe: This week we have been working on the dragon sculpture outside the school, we have been working on redoing the dragon and adding to it for a lot of this year. Recently we picked up where we left off in the winter. They have been re-sculpting the arms, and the face. To re-sculpt such a big object can be tricky, but after much consideration, our volunteer Melissa found the perfect solution. They are molding chicken wire around the original face and adding on. The are adding small details and carefully sculpting the chicken wire before they cover it in cement and then a blue covering to make it more appealing. They have also started to add tiles behind the seats on one side of the dragon. While teachers, volunteers and kids work on the dragon it gets stronger and more amazing. In this first picture you can see the dragons face and the sculpting of the wire and the newly added eyebrows as well as the new eyes made by a student. In this second picture you can see how the sculpture of the wire and rocks is. It’s a picture of the wire and the rock filling inside to show how it works. In this third picture you can see some of the hard workers working on the dragon in 1st period textiles. They are working on finishing the face and arms.

*All photos below taken by students in Textiles and 3D art.



In the Studio: Week of May 21st

By Violette: This week in textiles, students have been working on their wearable art, but especially focusing on a new project introduced by Alexa Stark, a guest artist. In this project we ‘remake’ a piece of regular clothing, whether it be simplifying it to merely a different style of that clothing piece, or completely remaking some pants into a crop top. Most of the students have begun making one piece of clothing into another. For example, someone’s making an old dress into a romper.  Some kids have also been working on the dragon outside, rebuilding and fixing it up. Inside the dragon, there’s plans for a time capsule that students can contribute to. For my remaking of some clothing, I’ve been using an old t-shirt I found in the fabric pile. I’ve pretty much just done whatever comes to mind, so far including protruding pink fur and sewing on newspaper.

By Lucia: This week we are working on wearable art projects. We basically turn an idea that might be just on a pedestal into a weird wacky piece of clothing. I have been seeing a lot of kids use the idea of a dress or shirt. For my project Lyra, Audrey and I are doing a dress cloud inspired by the movie Carrie. We are using a hula hoop base and slowly work our way up to red dye covered cotton.

By Violet: This week we are making wearable art. I am working as a group with Ava , Henry, Felix, and Cole. Our wearable art is Voodoo doughnuts inspired. We have a to-go coffee cup, a voodoo doughnut box (which are both pictured) and a pillow that is the shape of a doughnut with sprinkles (not pictured). We have to come up with a one minute performance art piece that shows off our wearable art. My group is either going to have the doughnut getting dipped in the coffee or the cup will spill some coffee (fabric) out of Felix’s hat/lid of coffee cup. The wearable art and it’s one minute play are both due on Friday, June 1st. 

By Theo: This is what is going on in my 3D art class this week. In 3D art we are focusing on two different projects such as the wearable art project and the Dragon project. You will see in the picture that shows a student working on their top hat with a lot of tape–this is our wearable art project. The project is self explanatory. We have to make a piece you can wear without clay (for obvious reasons). Speaking of clay,  we cannot make new clay projects since we have no more bisque fires anymore, but students are allowed to glaze as you can see in the picture; it shows the glazes are open. Let’s move onto the dragon project. The dragon at da Vinci was worked on at the beginning of the year and now we are attaching tiles and correcting some parts of it and we are even adding a time capsule. That is a summary of this week in 3D art.


In the Studio: Week of May 7th

By Rain: This week in textiles the six graders were at outdoor school and there were a handful of kids that went on a Ashland field trip, so our class was small. Most kids worked on their wearable art projects. The kids are making many interesting and unique outfits using random and creative material such as bubble wrap like material and hula hoops. Everyone has their own way of doing their project; some are stitching, some are using sewing machines and others are hot gluing their clothes together. Everyone is working hard and focusing on their projects. They are all come out nicely and beautifully. I think that this project has been fun for everyone, including me.

By Nina: In 3D art right now, we are working on the wearable art project. I am making an overall skirt covered in candy wrappers. Rachel and Reese are making 2 skirts covered in patches of fabric. At the end of the year we are going to do a fashion show with 8 to 10 winners then out of all those people there will be 3 final winners. I really like my overall skirt, but I am trying to figure out how to connect it in the back, so that is a challenge I am facing. Students are also working on Leo the dragon outside, a large community sculpture in the playground. They are building a snout and arm armatures and putting mosaic teeth and scales on. We made these tiles at the beginning of the year. I think the dragon will turn out very well. I like that the students made the scales because that way there is a little bit of each of us on the dragon. Also, I like how we made it out of ferro cement this time so it will stay together longer. The color is a really pretty and I think it will go well with the tiles. Just before we started the wearable art we were working on our identity project. For mine I did a melting waldo with butter on his head. I did that because when I was younger my aunt read me this book all the time and my grandpa made dutch pancakes with a lot of butter. I made waldo melting because the pancakes were always really hot. 

By Ella: This week Kelda’s textiles class had a visiting artist come in, her name was Trish. Trish does a special kind of art, it is called batik. Batik is when you have a piece of white fabric, and paint on hot wax in whatever shape/pattern you want. Then you dip it in this special dye. Next you dry it, and pull off the wax. You get this amazing picture!!! Students have been working very hard to get just the right image on, and we are finally dyeing. Students are having so much fun, and it had been a great learning experience!

By Nina: This week in the studio I have been working on the wearable art project. The wearable art project is about making creative, fun, and fashionable art that you can wear. I am making a hat and a T-shirt dress. When I was making my hat I wanted it to pop with color and different textures. I was going for a humorous feel. I played around with different designs I wanted to use and ended up with plastic feathers, pom poms, fake fur, jaguar prints, zippers, etc. I have to say I am pretty proud of all of the colors and patterns I put together. I definitely think I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish. 


The T-shirt dress I made was originally green but I decided to stay with the colorful theme I had going on. I grabbed a lot of different fabrics and started to position the pieces of fabric the way I pleased. Then I hot glued them on carefully.  I am planning on adding feathers and some more pom poms on the T-shirt to really stick with the hats features, so that the outfit looks like a matching set. I wanted to do something different with the back of the T-shirt so I decided to make a 3D smiley face and go on from there. Neither sides are finished yet but I added the unique fabrics vertically around the smiley face on the back. 

By Estella: In textiles, students are making art based on cultural identity. We have to make a piece that represents who we are, or who we want to be. I made a weaving with roving. It has blocks of color, and each color represents an aspect of my identity. At the top of the weaving are colors that are “above the iceberg”, or things you can tell by just looking at me. The lower colors are colors that are “below the iceberg”, or things you can’t tell by just looking at me. At the top is a piece of fabric that has writing on it. This is the only thing that is not roving. The fabric represents the things in my life that changed when I switched to da Vinci. We are doing this project because we went to see an Alvin Ailey performance. Alvin Ailey is a dancer that makes work that is inspired by his cultural identity. We are trying to learn as much as we can about Alvin Ailey before the performance.


By Quinn: This week in class we worked on our wearable art project. I’m working with Amelia to make a pom pom dress. Amelia is modeling. So far we have a dress, and several pom poms, but they are not attached. We will probably be doing that next week. There is a second group making a pom pom outfit, and though we are each other’s biggest rivals we get along quite well. At the beginning of the week everyone doing something pompom related all sat in one area and made pom poms together, even if we weren’t on the same team. The class is quiet without 6th graders this week (who are at outdoor school), so we should be getting a head start on them on this project, but I’m sure they’ll be able to catch up. See below photo of our pom pom army. IMG_2211

By Reid: I have year long 3D art. I also had it last year. I am in seventh grade and this is my one year long art class. In class we have different assignments, each with a theme. Right now my friend Lucas and I are making a “CB” which stands for cardboard reality. It like a VR but its just made of cardboard. We put my phone at the open end of it (where you look through) and played a 360 video. We could look around the video like we were in the video. This class is one of my favorites. I hope to be in the class next year!

By Ruthie: This week in 3D art we continued our wearable art project. The wearable art project is a project that lets your creativity merge with clothing design. Each student chooses a group (or works alone), and chooses what their project will focus on. There is a choice between entering it in the fashion show or just choosing to present to your class. The group I’m working with (Ada, Lucy, and Ida) is making an outfit focused around the Hogwarts Houses. Each of us are placed in different houses. I was placed in Ravenclaw, Ada was placed in Slytherin, Ida was placed in Gryffindor, and Lucy was placed in Hufflepuff . Each one of us is making at least one thing after their house. I am making a Ravenclaw scarf and helping Ada by making Slytherin arm bands, Ada is making a Slytherin skirt, Ida is making a Gryffindor mask, and Lucy is making a Hufflepuff top hat. We are going to add a Hogwarts shirt as well, but adding our own twist to the design. My piece of the project can only be done at home so it’s taking longer than I wished, but I will do my best to get it done in time. Below is a picture of Ada’s skirt (in progress).


Below photos by Rain:



In the Studio: Week of April 23rd and 30th

By Olivia: This past week in textiles class we have been preparing for the end the year and finishing up our cultural identity projects. In this project we were making art based on not only our personality, but who we are, where we come from. Some people made weavings or embroideries, and others came up with their own ideas. It’s supposed to display who we are through our art. The parts of life we maybe don’t want to talk about, but instead want to show people in a different way. We had the week to work on it and then we are having a critique in class soon to share our work with everyone. The next project we are doing is the wearable art show. Students in groups of 1-3 people get together to create art which is then worn in a fashion show for the last talent show of the year. It’s optional to enter for the talent show, but you do have to make some type of wearable art. The ideas for this project is endless and kids are coming up with so many different and creative ideas. Last year we had an amazing show and I’m excited to see what others come up with. *Below photos by Olivia

By Lyra: This week in textiles we have been working on our cultural identity projects. This is supposed to represent some aspect of our identity. It could be an exploration of race, gender, religion, nationality/regionality, sexual orientation, or even birth order. We are supposed to find something that reflects who we are and make a piece representing that. It has to be textiles related, a technique we have learned, such as felting, embroidery, weaving, sewing or anything else we have learned. In the picture is a photo of Ruthie’s embroidery, titled “City of Rain and Roses.”       *Photo by LyraIMG_2174

By Natasha: This week in 3D art students are finishing the cultural identity project and just getting started with the wearable art contest. The cultural identity project was inspired by the Alvin Ailey performance the whole school went to. We had to pick any part of our identity and make it into a piece of art. The wearable art contest is an assignment everyone has to do, either with yourself or with a group of up to three people. Some might want to enter the contest part of it. If you win, you get to model your art on the last day of school during the talent show. Since this week we are only getting started, we spent a lot of time sketching and planning our outfits. *Photos by Natasha


By Luci: In textiles, students are asked to complete monthly independent projects when they finish other assignments early, then they can start another. These extra projects are called independent projects. Some students choose to do weavings, or various other textiles projects. I am going to write about the weaving process. In textiles, weavings are done on a floor loom. To set up a floor loom, the first thing you must do is a create a warp. A warp is the strings in a weaving that go up and down. To create a warp you have to have a warping board. A warping board looks like a wooden frame with pegs. To start, you tie your string to a peg then begin to weave through the rest of the pegs. When you finish, you tie off your warp. Next feed your warp through the reed. The reed (beater) pushes your weft down. Weft is the string that goes horizontally. You must then feed the string through the heddles. When you’ve finished that, you tie the top and bottom of the warp to the loom. You have now completed loom set up. To weave you push the peddles at the bottom of the loom. This moves the heddles, which lifts the string. By doing this, you can create different patterns. To create texture, try playing around with different types of yarn.


By Max: This week, the week of April 23, 2018, the 3D art kids worked on their cultural identity project inspired by The Alvin Ailey performance. I finished my series project that I had been working on. I also started my cultural identity project about judaism and buddhism. Overall, this week was good, I was caught up and finished a project that took way too long. My pictures are of people’s cultural identity pieces, the first is mine, of an old man/figure sitting cross legged, and the second of a rose/flower that one of my classmates made. *Photos by Max 

In the Studio: Week of April 16th

By Lucy: I decided to write about Ruthie’s work for the sculpture series assignment. Ruthie’s work consists of 3 pieces, each representing one of the witches in, “A Wrinkle in Time.” Her first piece represents Ms. Whatsit and is a castle where you put a candle in it. Each of her pieces holds a candle. The second piece represents Ms. Which and is a regal dark blue with a powerful pattern. The third piece is in progress, and it represents Ms. Who. *Photos by Lucy

By Fiona: Along with the knitting and batik projects, students in the textiles studio have been working on projects of their choice during free time. One student who has requested to stay anonymous has been working on a set of knittings using strange and abstract yarns. These yarns include a blue yarn that resembles feathers, a rainbow fluffy yarn, and a silvery yarn with holes. These knittings are in the shape of squares and the artist says they “are hats.” She plans to make a large set of these knittings with new yarns of different sizes, colors, and textures. This artist’s work is one of many unique independent projects the textiles students have been working on over the past few weeks. Other examples include embroidery, weaving, felting, machine sewing, and crochet. *Photos below by Fiona (weaving by Celeste, Knitting by Anonymous)



By Lucia: This week in textiles we are doing all sorts of various things. It’s the first week of Quarter 4, our last quarter, and the first week after we sold our shibori quilt in the auction. In class we have been taking some time to wrap up old pieces, so the next two weeks are dedicated to our independent projects. Each kid has a different independent project, some examples would be a weaving, knitting, sewing project, or embroidery. These projects are things that we can work on if we’ve finished the main class assignment, or don’t know what to do. In my opinion, independent projects are a great idea. Not only is it a project of our choice, but it’s also a great way to get inspired. Just in the time that I’ve started my embroidery, I’ve already thought of many different projects based off of what I’ve seen others working on. Overall, this has been a very fun week, because it’s been relaxing, fun, and I’m working on something that I really like.

*Photos below by Lucia (embroidery by Lucia, knitting by Ruthie, weaving by CeCe


In the Studio: Week of April 9th

By Ida: This week in 3D art, we continued with our 3-piece sculpture projects. Each set of sculptures had to have something related to the one after or before it. For instance, If someone made a rubix cube out of clay with the colors pink, purple, blue, and green, the next sculpture could be another rubix cube out of a different medium or with the same medium but different materials. My series is a set of cups that represent both of my sisters and me. For one, I’m painting a setting sun in a forest with a quote in the sun and for my other sister, I’m making waves with a quote in the middle. Both quotes are chosen specifically by my sisters so they are unique. My cup is a pattern mildy resembling a flower with a black background and white outlines. Some of my friends are doing things similar to me, like making candle holders, or something completely different, like human figures holding up various parts of the solar system. (The Moon, the Sun, Earth, etc.) My project is going slower than I wish it to be and the deadline has already passed for some, but the completed projects that I have seen are very creative and unique. I never would have seen any of them coming.  *Photos by Ida

By Holland:  A lot of projects have been happening this week in our 3rd period 3D art class! We’re getting deep into the sculpture series and have just begun to brainstorm ideas for our upcoming cultural identity project. The series project is a lively concept where you can choose any type of medium of art that you want, make a series of at least three sculptures, and present them to the class! One of the best parts about this is that it’s up to YOU to choose what you want to make! Take this for an example: I have decided to use clay as my medium, and what I am making out of that are three different eyes! (It sounds much grosser than it is. Basically, I’ve decided to make three different eyes with three different themes for each one. My first eye was (figuratively) consumed by  frostbite. It looked like one of the eyes of the people floating in the North Atlantic Ocean during the sink of the Titanic (not exactly like the eyes, but in a sense). My second piece consists of a fire molten lava eye that looks like it’s been dipped in fire! Finally, I plan to make my third piece have a sort of vegetation forest look! I am trying to add a very wild jungle feel to it, but I have not yet completed it. My point to these rambling sentences is to try to show a feel of what the series project is really about. Now, the cultural IDENTITY project is something totally different. The bottom line is basically just a project that has to do with our individual cultural identities. 

     I interviewed a few people to talk about their series project. First I talked to Malaika, another student in our 3rd period class who said that she had fun working on this assignment and liked the way her clay bunnies turned out. But she did also add that she is a little nervous and scared to share her creation with the class because she doesn’t feel that her creation really matches the skill of the rest of the class. Frankly, this shocked and confused me because Malaika’s project DEFINITELY stands out and I think that she did very well on this assignment. I think everyone’s project turned out amazing and that this class did a phenomenal job on the series assignment. The other person that I interviewed was Max, who made a small wire sculpture of a trumpet. He said that the project is, “pretty fun my dude.” He also said that the project is an awesome way to express creative freedom and that it’s nice to get to express ourselves. *Photos by Holland (wire sculpture Max and clay sculpture by Malaika)


By Esther: This week in the textiles studio we have been working on finishing our two projects, knitting and batik. We have broken into smaller groups, and we are working on different things. Some people are yarn bombing, which is where you use knitting to create art on something in a public space, like a trash can or a tree. Everybody else is working on various other knitting projects, like making hats and scarves.

The other project we are working on is called batik. Last week, a professional artist named Trish came in and taught us how to make batik. Batik is a colorful fabric with patterns and designs on it. To make it, we painted our designs on fabric with melted wax, and then dipped it in colorful dyes. We then waited for them to dry completely. Once they were dry, we placed the fabric between two layers of newspaper and ironed it. This melted the wax off, revealing the final product.

We also had a WOW critique, which stands for wonderful, original, work of art. We got feedback on each other’s projects, and Kelda walked around and graded our work. I had a really good time learning how to make batik and knit.


By Isabel: Today is critique day in 3D art. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working on our set of three sculptures. Everyone has been working very hard to get their three pieces done. Great progress has been made since our first week doing this project. Students have been using all types of 3D mediums and materials to make their sculptures. For example: clay, mixed media (plastic, metal, wood, etc), paper mache, and plaster.

This week is the last week of the quarter, which means we have to wrap things up, including at least our first sculpture. Our other two pieces are due next Friday. We definitely had enough time to work on our three sculptures, so they should be pretty good. The sculptures show lots of creativity, ranging from small clay people to antler horn headbands.

Some people had to completely redo their project or change their idea, but they still got as far as everyone else. This has definitely been the longest project we’ve been assigned all year, because we have to spend at least one week on each sculpture or artwork. People who are using clay have to wait even longer for their work to be fired in the kiln.